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Surgery of the pancreas – teaching lectures

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Chaired by

Swiss Pancreas Foundation

by , St. Gallen

Three decades of surgery for adenocarcinoma – did we improve?

by , Heidelberg

Pancreatic anastomosis – what is the standard?

by , Mumbai

Evolution of Binding anastomosis

by , Hangzhou

Biliary anastomosis – technical challenge?

by , Amsterdam

Gastric / Duodenal anastomosis – Omega loop or Roux-en-Y?

by , Boston

Industrial exhibition

Live Surgery

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by M. W. Büchler, Heidelberg | More information about the live surgery

Laparoscopic left pancreatectomy

by K. Z’graggen, Bern | More information about the live surgery

Break & Symposium

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Lunch break & Industrial exhibition



Lunch Symposium: Perioperative care in pancreas surgery

Room: Kursaal Arena | Sponsored by: Medtronic & Covidien

Chaired by

Perioperative Care for Pancreaticoduodenectomy

by , Maastricht

Treatment options for Cachexia in pancreatic cancer patients

by , Munich

Cognition-Guided Surgery

by , Heidelberg


Lunch break & Industrial exhibition


Pancreatic surgery – beyond the traditional limits

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Chaired by

Significance of neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment in borderline resectable tumors

by , Liverpool

Pancreatectomy combined with vascular resection

by , Nagoya

Multivisceral resection – where are the limits?

by , Dresden

Pancreatectomy and distant metastases – indicated?

by , Adelaide

Surgery for recurrent pancreatic cancer

by , Heidelberg

Industrial exhibition

Postoperative complications and its prevention

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Chaired by

Definition of complications in pancreatic surgery

by , Verona

Management of leakage complications – surgical or interventional?

by , Munich

Management of postoperative bleeding

by , Aschaffenburg

Prevention and treatment of delayed gastric emptying

by , Philadelphia

Stents and drains before and during pancreatic surgery

by , Aurora

New developments in preop biliary drainage

by , Amsterdam

Closing ceremony

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Closing words & farewell

by B. Schmied, St. Gallen

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