Scientific Congress Schedule

Forum Opening Ceremony

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Word of Welcome by the Chairman of the World Pancreas Forum

by K. Z'graggen, Bern

Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm

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Chaired by

History of IPMN – keynote lecture

by , Rochester

Diagnostics of IPMNs (EUS, MRI, CT, FNA, Tumor markers)

by , Geneva

IPMN International concensus guidelines / Follow up

by , Fukuoka

IPMN - when and how to resect

by , Heidelberg

IPMN-Carcinoma - Prognosis and treatment

by , Boston

Industrial exhibition

Evidence-based Medicine

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Chaired by

Pancreatic surgery – Scientific update 2015

by , Munich

Pancreatic oncology – Update 2015

by , Biel

Intraoperative challenges in pancreatic surgery

by , New York

Break & Symposium

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Lunch break & Industrial exhibition



Lunch Symposium: How to improve the Outcome of Pancreatic Carcinoma in Switzerland - a Call for Action

Room: Kursaal Arena | Sponsored by: Celgene

Chaired by


with J.-L. Frossard from Geneva, D. Helbling from Zurich, D. Meier from Bern, K. Z’graggen from Bern


Lunch break & Industrial exhibition


Word of Welcome

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Word of Welcome by the President of the Swiss Medical Association FMH

by J. Schlup, Bern

Innovation and new technologies in pancreatic surgery

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Innovation and new technologies - update 2015

by , Geneva

Laparoscopic pancreatectomy, sense or non-sense

by , Rochester

Robotics in pancreatic surgery, a real innovation?

by , Pittsburgh

Ablation of pancreatic tumors, where is the evidence?

by , Zurich

Experience with targeted electroporation

by , Zurich

Limited pancreatic resections, benefit and limitations

by , Heidelberg

Industrial exhibition

Pancreatic neuroendocrine Neoplasia

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Chaired by

pNET - Guidelines - Update 2015

by , Ancona

Diagnostics in pNET – standard 2015

by , Bern

Should we remove the primary in presence of liver metastases?

by , New Haven

Transplant for liver metastases in pNET – latest news

by , Zurich

Word of Welcome & Aperitif

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Word of Welcome by the Mayor of Bern

Mayor: A. Tschäppät, Bern

Welcome Aperitif

Room: Industrial exhibition | Sponsored by Stadt Bern

Festive evening


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